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Salmonella MonlabTest®


Clinical syndromes in humans caused by infection with Salmonella
enterica are divided into typhoid fever, caused by S. enterica serovars
typhi and paratyphi, and a range of clinical syndromes, including
diarrhoeal disease, caused by the non-typhoid salmonellae (NTS) of
which there are around 2,500 serovars. Typhoid fever is a humanrestricted
and highly adapted invasive systemic disease of adults
and children that shows little association with immunosuppression.
In contrast, NTS have a broad vertebrate host range and
epidemiology that often involves food animals, at least in
industrialised countries where it usually presents as gastroenteritis.
Severe, invasive disease due to NTS is usually associated with the
immunocompromised state common in HIV-infected adults.
Invasive NTS disease is also common in young African children
with co-morbidities such as severe anaemia, malnutrition and HIV

Salmonella MonlabTest® provides a rapid detection of Salmonella
directly from the fecal samples.


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