Monlab, management transmis to all the employees its attitude towards the issue of Quality through the dissemination of its Quality Policy. All the Company's activities are addressed to give the highest quality to the final customer. Accordingly, we have planned an strategy that combines human resources with technological resources within our reach.


Provide high-quality products, approved by our quality system for the companies and health centers ensuring added value to our customers through the involvement of our employees.


Reach leading position in our industrial sector standing out from the competition through quality and proper customer service.


Monlab defines the following values as a baseline for guiding our actions:

  • Reach the highest satisfaction and our customer’s loyalty
  • Fulfill the requirements of our customers and the applicable legislation.
  • Guarantee a continuous technical advice to our customers
  • Adopt the continuous quality improvement as our team’s philosophy.
  • Promote training , recycling, awareness and staff motivation.
  • Preserve the information and customer data confidentiality.
  • Establish a trusting relationship with suppliers.
  • Promote the involvement of staff through team work and providing suggestions.
  • Preserve the natural resources, optimize the available resources and reducing waste generation.

This quality Policy provides a frame of reference in order to establish and revise the annual quality objectives. We hope that the implementation of these concepts can help us with the consolidation of Monlab,  as a company that faces the future with guarantees.

In order to ensure the highest quality in our products, Monlab, is in constant renewal.

Monlab, works such a way that the Qualityt Policy and the established procedures are in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1999.

Since November 2002, we are certified by ISO 9001:2000.

Since November 2011 we have widened the scope of the certification to manufacturing of in vitro medical devices.

Since January 2013 we are certified by EN ISO 13485:2012. The scope of this registration is:

  • Manufacturing, import, commercialization and distribution of IVD kits, fungibles and reagents for clinic diagnostic
  • Commercialization and distribution and technical assistance of automated equipmentes and systems for clinical diagnostic and testing laboratories.
  • Comercialization, distribution and import of hospitalary products for incontinence.

 certificado ISO9001

 certificado ISO13485

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